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Fairwood lage prijzen parket direct van zagerij

Where can I buy the most beautiful parquet floor at wholesale prices?

Discover the most extensive selection of wooden floors in the Netherlands. At Fairwood, we offer an unparalleled range of wood species and flooring types, catering to every taste. Whether you prefer the classic plank floor or the elegance of a patterned floor, we have everything you need in stock. And the best part? Our prices are always the lowest because we work directly without intermediaries. You are essentially buying directly from the wholesaler. Mix the colour yourself and let us apply the chosen finish specifically for you in our workshop. This way, you’ll get a new wooden floor that perfectly matches your interior, at the same price as the store in your local area purchases it. Visit our showrooms in Tiel and Rijnsburg (near Noordwijk/Katwijk).

Family business with a passion for wood

What are the most popular parquet floors?

Oak floors
Pine floors
Herringbone floors

Experience the Extraordinary with Parquet Flooring

At Fairwood in Tiel or Rijnsburg, you can actively explore our beautiful range of parquet flooring. Visit our timber yards to see the actual wood batches, because you want to know exactly what to expect, right? Additionally, we invite you to actively participate in selecting and blending colours. Together, we’ll create the perfect wooden floor, whether it’s plank flooring, herringbone patterns, or a unique Hungarian point design. Discover the possibilities of real hardwood floors at Fairwood.

Types of wood

Discover our captivating new collection of wood types. Each plank tells its own unique story, shaped by the elements of nature. At Fairwood in Tiel or Rijnsburg, you can experience the beautiful parquet floors in an active way. We invite you to come and see the actual batches of wood in our timber warehouses. Because you want to know exactly what to expect, right? Additionally, we ask you to actively participate in selecting and blending colours. Together with you, we create the perfect wooden floor, whether it’s plank flooring, herringbone floors, or a unique Hungarian point. Not just any wooden floor because… Some customers hesitate about real parquet floors due to misinformation or bad experiences. But at Fairwood, we only offer the highest quality and service. Our wooden floors are sustainable, easy to maintain, and perfectly compatible with modern underfloor heating systems. Make an appointment today and discover the beauty and authenticity of real wooden floors.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is the perfect choice for your home. It offers the beauty of real wood with added durability and affordability. Our high-quality engineered wood planks are designed to withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity, making them suitable for any room in your house. With a wide range of colours and finishes available, you can easily find the perfect style to complement your interior. Plus, our engineered wood flooring is compatible with underfloor heating systems, providing you with warmth and comfort all year round. Visit our showroom in Tiel or Rijnsburg to explore our exquisite collection of engineered wood floors and experience their natural beauty firsthand. At Fairwood, we believe in actively involving our customers in the selection and customization process. We invite you to participate in choosing and blending colours to create your own unique flooring design. Whether you prefer traditional plank floors, herringbone patterns, or a distinctive Hungarian point design, together we can bring your vision to life.

Environmentally Friendly

A flooring made of real wood is sustainable with a low carbon footprint and lasts a lifetime. It can be sanded multiple times for a fresh look. Wood retains heat better than other materials, keeping the space cozy without extra heating costs. Laminate flooring thinner than 16mm has low thermal insulation values and quickly warms up the room.

Parquet or Planks?

Your parquet floor can be installed in various patterns. Planks are laid in what is called a wild bond (simply one by one from the bundle without a pattern). Parquet, on the other hand, is installed according to a pre-designed pattern. Examples include Herringbone, Hungarian Point, Chevron, and Versailles Parquet. Can’t decide between planks or parquet? Let us help you make the right choice. At Fairwood, you can explore real batches of wood in our timber warehouses. We invite you to actively participate in selecting and blending colours. Together, we’ll create the perfect wooden floor, whether it’s plank flooring, herringbone floors, or a unique Hungarian point. Still unsure about genuine parquet floors? Let us dispel those doubts. Discover the benefits of our parquet floors and enjoy seamless finishing, a stable floor with engineered parquet, and competitive pricing. Stop fading away and complete your interior with a stunning wooden floor. Contact us for a free quote or request a brochure for more information.

Varnish, Oil, or More?

Which type of finish suits your wooden floor the best? Varnish, oil, hardwax oil, or wax? The answer lies in: what kind of look do you desire? what is your budget? what about maintenance? Wood floor finishes.

Hire a Professional or Do It Yourself?

Who will be responsible for laying the floor? Nowadays, it is also possible to lay plank floors and herringbone floors yourself. With some handy tips and instructions, you can do it yourself perfectly fine. But if you prefer professional advice and craftsmanship, you can also hire a certified flooring specialist from Fairwood.

Floor Prices

Looking for the perfect floor? The most frequently asked question is: how much does a floor cost? At Fairwood, we understand that every floor is unique and depends on your personal preferences and expectations. With an extensive selection of wood species, floor types, and installation methods, we offer a range of prices. And let’s not forget that Fairwood is known for its promotional and outlet floors, as well as low prices thanks to direct imports of parquet floors. Discover the possibilities today!

wood works by fluctuations in heat and moisture

A genuine wooden floor can be perfectly combined with underfloor heating. The gradual and even heating process is ideal for parquet floors. Wood remains stable and beautiful with a calm and uniform heating. As long as we take into account temperature and humidity fluctuations, these pose no problem at all.

Which Additional Products?

Wooden planks alone do not make a complete parquet floor. Various supporting products are needed for beautiful parquet. The quality of these products is essential for a worry-free experience. Pay attention to the price-quality ratio of these products, as cheap planks are often compensated by expensive additional products.


Nieuwe partij 26 cm eiken lamelplanken  binnengekomen — 22 cm AB — Eiken vloer 15 cm Budget — Mooie nieuwe partij blank Canadees Maple lamelplanken 18 cm breed aangevoerd (lange lengtes) — Vloer van de maand September: 22 cm Elegant invisible gelakt

Is your floor included here too?

vintage visgraatvloer
Tajibo visgraatvloer
Eiken plankenvloer
jatoba parketvloer
Geoliede en gelakte eiken vloer in keuken
Essen plankenvloer

Essen plankenvloer

oude eiken visgraatvloer

Vintage eiken verouderd visgraat

Eikenvloer donker geolied

Eikenvloer donker geolied

Donker gerookte brede visgraatvloerplanken

Donker gerookte brede visgraatvloerplanken

Eiken blokpatroon vloer

Eiken blokpatroon vloer

Shall we go through the key questions together?

plankenvloer visgraatvloer

Houten vloeren luchthaven

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Real Natural Wooden Floor

Nature has spent 60 years creating this unique product for you. And the production continues every day. At Fairwood in Tiel or Rijnsburg, you can experience the beauty of parquet floors in an interactive way. We invite you to come and see the actual batches of wood in our timber sheds. Because you want to know exactly what to expect beforehand, right? Additionally, we ask you to actively participate in choosing and blending colours. Together with you, we create the perfect wooden floor, whether it’s plank floors, herringbone floors, or a unique Hungarian point. Discover the possibilities of real wooden floors at Fairwood.

Bos producent van echt hout

Produced by Nature

Hongaarse punt van echt hout

Perfectly Crafted by You

Authentic Wood Flooring de mooiste beats imitation.

Embrace a Timeless and Inviting Atmosphere

Are you yearning for a touch of warmth and character in your home? Look no further than genuine hardwood flooring. Crafted over 60 years by Mother Nature herself, this exquisite product is guaranteed to infuse your interior with natural beauty and charm. At Fairwood, we pride ourselves on offering a breathtaking selection of wooden floors that will elevate your space to new heights of elegance and sophistication. Step inside our showrooms in Tiel or Rijnsburg and immerse yourself in a world of captivating hardwood flooring options. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through our vast inventory, allowing you to explore the distinct characteristics of each wood type. From sleek plank floors to exquisite herringbone patterns and unique Hungarian point designs, Fairwood has the perfect solution to cater to your individual style and preferences. Bid farewell to uncertainty and embrace the endless possibilities of real wood flooring at Fairwood – your trusted partner in exceptional flooring solutions.

Unique Stories Behind Every Plank

Each plank in our collection holds a unique story. From the ground on which the tree stood to the conditions in which it grew, every detail is reflected in the grain of our planks. No two planks are alike, each one telling its own tale. Immerse yourself in the beauty of real wood and discover the possibilities with Fairwood. Visit our showrooms in Tiel or Rijnsburg and experience our stunning parquet floors firsthand. Together, we will create the perfect wooden floor, whether it’s wide-plank, herringbone, or a unique Hungarian point design. Schedule an appointment today and let us help you bring your interior dreams to life.

Unmatched Authenticity

Nothing can compare to the natural charm of a wooden floor. Plastic substitutes fail to replicate its beauty. Uniform and artificial, they lack the character that makes a real wooden floor stand out. While laminate, PVC, or SPC might seem appealing, they can never rival the genuine allure of an authentic wooden floor.

Relatively Clean Production

plastic fabriek

The production of laminate, PVC, and SPC is based on plastic. Manufacturing these floor coverings can simply be described as dirty. The environmental emissions are enormous. In certain parts of China, sunlight is barely visible. A real wood floor is therefore much cleaner.

Sustainable Solutions

PVC afval probleem

PVC Waste Problem

At Fairwood, our mission is to provide you with high-quality flooring options that are not only beautiful and timeless but also environmentally friendly. We understand the importance of minimizing waste and maximizing energy efficiency, which is why we offer a range of sustainable wooden floors. Unlike PVC floors, which contribute to the plastic waste problem, our real wooden floors have a longer lifespan and can even be reused as sustainable biofuel at the end of their lifecycle. Say goodbye to waste worries and choose a timeless wooden floor for a greener future.

But we also need your active contribution

Together with you, we will perfect this natural product. So that all your interior wishes come true.

Kies uw parketvloer in de loods

Choose Your Own Hardwood Flooring

Meng zelf de kleur van uw parket

Create Your Perfect Colour

Achieve Your Real Wooden Floor in 6 Simple Steps

At Fairwood in Tiel or Rijnsburg, you can experience the beauty of parquet floors in an interactive way. We invite you to come and view the actual batches of wood in our timber stores. Because you want to know exactly what to expect, right? Additionally, we encourage you to actively participate in choosing and blending colours. Together with you, we create the perfect wooden floor, whether it’s plank floors, herringbone floors, or a unique Chevron floor.

No Wooden Flooring, Because...

Some customers doubt real parquet floors.

Due to misinformation or bad experiences.

False Claims About Natural Wood is more expensive.

Maintenance like a tiled floor

Do you want to have a wooden floor in your kitchen? Do you want to minimize the maintenance? A lacquered wooden floor (with color pigment) can be vacuumed and mopped with water (+ maintenance product) just like a tiled floor. According to the lacquer manufacturer, you won’t need to sand it for at least 10 to 15 years.

Underfloor Heating Can

Laminate flooring with a maximum thickness of 16 mm has an RC value lower than 0.1. Laminate flooring is therefore highly suitable for underfloor heating.

Stable Floor with Engineered Wood Flooring

Wood reacts to changes in temperature and humidity, causing solid wood floors to expand or contract. This often results in unsightly gaps and cracks. Fortunately, a engineered parquet floor with a birch plywood underfloor hardly reacts, ensuring it remains perfectly level under normal conditions. Say goodbye to creaks, seams, and gaps. Browse for a stable laminate flooring solution.

Competitive Price Compared to PVC and SPC

At Fairwood, we offer competitive prices when compared to PVC and SPC. With the advantage of sourcing directly from our own sawmill, we eliminate any intermediaries and extra costs. In essence, we function as our own wholesale supplier, which enables us to provide genuine hardwood floors at highly affordable prices. Unlike installing a PVC floor, our floors typically do not require subfloor leveling, resulting in cost savings for you. And the best part? Hardwood floors can be sanded multiple times, significantly prolonging their lifespan. Through sanding, you can even opt for a completely different colour or finish, giving your floor a refreshing transformation. Discover the possibilities of authentic hardwood floors at Fairwood.

Prevent Yellowing

UV radiation can cause oil, varnish, and wood to yellow or become warmer over time. To minimize this effect, we employ the following techniques: For oil floors, we add white color pigment without creating a white haze. For varnished floors, we incorporate color pigment into the ultra-matte varnish. Extreme yellowing of wooden parquet floors is no longer a concern.

Achieve a Seamless Finish

We are currently applying ultra-matte ‘invisible’ coatings. These coatings offer numerous benefits:
– Unmatched protection
– Eliminates discoloration
– Non-reflective appearance
– Long-lasting durability
– Mimics the look of a natural, unfinished surface.
It’s as if no finish has been applied at all.

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Wooden Floors (flip images)

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